Hello Dear,

I wanted to create a lifestyle blog for all of us who want to enjoy life. This is a blog for all the nomads and thinkers out there- we who believe beauty is everywhere. My goal is to inspire others feel beautiful, not only outside but within, to get inspired to live our lives fully and enjoy little things.

I have travelled and lived around, guess I could call myself a nomad. Home is everywhere even for a brief moment. Experiencing difficulties, getting to know people- and especially myself- , having conquered victories- all the life lived has given me open mind and heart. And I want to learn more!

With this blog I want to inspire others and develope myself. For me to be able to create inspiration to share with you guys is my challenge. I do not believe style is vain- it is a reflection on how we feel, who we are and where we are coming from. Our past, presence and future.

About me.

My career in fashion gave me inspiration but not enough. So I quit my job and started writing. I am currently working on my first project- The portraits of us, a series of interviews with women to empower other women and to show their strength and beauty of who they really are. I believe that together we can do anything.

Join my journey to become the best we can be!

Made in Finland– Currently in Germany– Heading to New Zealand


xoxo, Tea



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