How to make it through Sale Shopping…

This time of the year is brobably the most favorite time to go shopping for many of us. The massive sales that started after christmas are on their peek. Finding items half price is exiting both for the wallet and for the eyes.

This might be the best time to get cheap stuff you need but it can also be the time for wasting money on those mistake purchases that end up just hanging in your closet. So being mindfull of your shoppings is the way to go. It is 2017- the year of consciousness, and let’s face it ladies, being smart is sexy!

Make A List:

To avoid indulcing yourself too much in the midst of all the eye candy there is, a good way to avoid overshopping is to make a list of the things you want to find. A dress for an upcoming summer wedding, new winter coat or a handbag to impress. Writing it down makes you more aware of the things you will be looking out for.

The list is not a must but if you want to be effective amongst all the stuff that’s out there, it is definetly a helpful tool. If you happen to deviate from your course don’t be mad at yourself, all good things take time.

Personally my favorite items to purchase are those that I’ve been looking at when they were normal price but did not buy at the time. This way I know I will get a good wear out of them.

Here are the things I picked up this year to add to my wardrobe. Mostly being accessories I have one piece of clothing too. This time I needed to find a everyday blazer, and that I did. I saw this one at H&M earlier last year so picked it up immediately.

How To Style It:

Casual blazer works perfectly as a light coat outside office enviroment. Pair it with sneakers or flats and a t-shirt to dress it down. Just roll up the sleeves to give it that cool relaxed vibe.

Going out for drinks with your girls later? Wear a pair of heels to step up your sexy blaze look, add some bling with a necklace or a set of bangles and you are good to go.


Having a easy trow on blazer in your closet, makes any outfit decision easier. This H&M one is long with a straight cut to give it that effortless androgynous look.


This little clutch from Mango is the perfect item to add to your evening look. When I first saw it, I fell in love. Isn’t it just the sweetest thing ever!


The belt to have now. Very much set’s the standard to your jeans game. Got this one from an Aussie brand called Glassons. Top knot retailer that I wish we could have here in Europe.


A little bundle of joy! You have seen the Gucci ones on every fashionbloggers feed. I could not be happier to find these on sale at Zara in Sydney. Let’s face it, even with snow outside, this cut back furry loafer is the shoe to have now.


This bow collar is a perfect addition to my accessorie collection. A bit of fun to the everyday look. This is from Hallhuber, a German brand with a sleek classy style.




That concludes my sale shopping. Cant wait to style these items to show to you guys. Bying things you’re exited about and know you’ll appreciate in the future, makes shopping so much fun and rewarding.

+ Just remember what ever you will choose to buy- you need to wear with a smile +

The more you are able to define and express your style, the more it will show. Never mind trying to be something you are not. Confidence is about feeling free to be yourself without those restrictions of what should be.

I wish you an amazing weekend and thank you for reading.




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