Good to be back home

Hello Gorgeous,

The holiday is over and we are now back home in snowy Heidelberg. Hope your holidays went peacefully and you are fully loaded with some new energy to achieve your goals this year! It has been a while since my last post, over a month, more or less. We had such a lovely time in new Zealand, that didn’t even think about writing. You know- being busy living …

Here the temperature is lower than last year, so wrapping up in winter gear now. The mountains have a sheer coating of the first snow and the frost is giving a fresh breath to the air.

— But in my mind I am still there —

We had the most amazing time, could not ask for a more enjoyable holiday. I felt so warmly welcomed everywhere we went. New Zealand is such a laid back country, the people make you feel like home so easily and the nature is everywhere embedded in the daily life. Whether it’s fresh seafood or avocados sold in stands beside the roads or stopping over to enjoy the many lookout points for the wiew.

I really loved the feel of respect towards the earth and food it provides. I have never seen more happier cows grazing free than the ones in NZ. That is the way animals should live, next to us not shun away in some nameless factories. A bit of sun and green grass, grazing together with the pack, what makes a cow happier than that? This goes to humans aswell, it is the simple things in life, family, friends and food. Industrialism has in many ways ruined our connection with the earth and the respect for where our food comes from.

Sitting in a plane, the flights are very long, you are basically living in your seat for two days. To amuse myself I remember the flights by what films I have watched. This time it was the Snowden that stayed on my mind. Oliver Stone’s masterful directing in all it’s powerful simplicity, it was waterworks at the end for me. Edward Snowden is a real life hero, someone who’s standing against the unjust system on behave of us, without thinking his own life. We can only hope he will get back his freedom one day.

Crying in planes is also a talent, you dont want to do it out loud to raise attention so just sobbing in silence is the way to go. Not my first time crying though, when we flu to Fidji I was totally weeping over the movie called The Normal Heart starring mark Ruffalo and Julia Roberts about the aids epidemic in the gay community in the eighties. There is just something about real life heroes.

Even though the flight is heavy it is definetly worth it. To be able to see the other side of the world is humbling. The laid back attitude of kiwi’s is unbeatable, they will make you feel right at home where ever you are coming from. My restrained Finnish nature felt right at home. I believe it is to do with the ocean being there, life in the sea does make you feel relaxed. In the words of a beautiful lady from Wellington, ” I believe I was born to be a beach babe “. One can only wish.

How would you feel about strangers talking to you? Just suddenly paying attention to you. Would it make you feel suprised or a little annoyed for the botherment or just stunned that someone has even noticed you. This happens all the time down there, amazing isn’t it! We are so stranded away from contact with strangers that is ridiculous. That is the one thing I would like to take home to Europe is the innocent willingness to help others and the willingness to connect. We are not our worst enemies, but together sharing this wonderful planet for a little while.

The further our neighbours stay away from our lives, the better. Have we become too busy to care about anything outside our own door? Maby there is a new years resolution for us- once a day to pay attention to a person around you.

For a long time my dream has been, well, at least since I started to use Instagram ( ! ), to see Bondi beach. So we had a stop over for ten hours in Sydney. I was the most happiest to see something so beautiful, something I had been waiting for a long time, and when it finally became real it was not dissapointing. It was unreal.

— Feeling stoked —

After a long trip life slowly gets back on its tracks. The sleep rhythm gest slowly back to normal and the routines that seemed to be annoyingly boring before are now welcomed and cherished. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed as they say. The sound of the powerful waves hitting the shore will fade and the skin will pale, but the memories will stay as bright as the sun burning your skin.

— And there are always the pictures —

What about you? Did you do any new years resolutions? Maby to start saving up money to travel to your dream destination or start volunteering or learn a new language you always wanted to speak. Maby you set a goal to get that bag from Celine that you’ve been dreaming of when scrolling in those late night’s. What ever small or big your goal is, go for it!

— Some dreams are meant to come true —

In your mind there should not be anything stopping you. When you unleash your mind from the restrains of no’s and dont’s and cant’s, there lies such a power that can do anything. The sadisfaction lies in following up of your own progress. Without improvement there is no moving forward and life can become boring and dull. Being stuck in something you are not happy about is the worst feeling ever.

— Not all those who wander are lost —

The changes are not neccessairly big things. They can be little ones leading towards the future. Things you want to achieve before you die. The memory of life lived is the only thing that matters in the end. Showing love to others, keeping ourselves healthy by making little decisions every day that leads us forward in our lives and towards our goals. This is what I brought back from my holiday. Goals and memories to boost my motivation. And of course, shoes. What kind of a styleblogger would I be without getting a few new pairs of shoes…

Thank you so much for reading babes and supporting my journey, it means so much. Last year has been a healing journey for me and blogging has brought so much insight into it. Life is a growing process after all. Stay Wild and Love Yourself!

Be sure to have a great week. Kisses,





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