Packing guide and why it needs to be on point

Hello Lovelies,

On this week’s post I am talking about a matter that is very close to my heart, that I have done hundreds of times in my thirty some years, and that is packing. We are leaving tomorrow on a month long trip to New Zealand. We will have three stop overs and the travel time in total will be thirty hours. The longest we will spend on a plane, straight up, will be seventeen hours. That is a crazy long time to sit down up in the sky. My bum will not thank me later.

So, of course I have been packing with passion the whole weekend. I’m a nerd like that- you know the one that always start to pack one week early. Haha. Basically I love travelling, even though it is time consuming with all the commuting and hassle, so make it easier I like having things organized in advance so I can relax when I’m on the road.

Having a takeaway coffee, magazine, glass of wine, notebook- what ever I feel like doing at the time, just to sit down and relax is the way to go. Different people, languages and atmospheres that you will experience along the way are the reason why I travel to see the world. So making sure that you can see it in a peaceful mindset is the least you can do to yourself.


First Thing You Need Is Your Passport


The most important thing in packing- obviously, is to have all the essentials with you. So what I do that helps me to get the whole picture and assess what I will pack is to spread the clothing and important items on the floor or on the bed. This way you will be able to see everything and can take out the things you feel are not necessary. Just remember to leave some space in the bed for your boyfriend…


I always plan my outfits, this way it is easier to mix and match instead of having to overpack too many things that you’ll end up using less than half anyway. Choose a few pairs of pants and skirts that will go together with all the shirts. Avoiding the statement pieces that are not combined easily with the rest of the clothing is a smart way to save up some space. Unless you are Carrie Bradshaw and can travel with ten trunks.


Hand luggage is the most important thing in your travels. I have some basics that will always travel with me: water bottle- that you can fill up anywhere, no need to buy new ones all the time. A warm light down jacket that goes into a small space- to keep you warm in the plane. Book or a magazine to read, music- I make sure my playlist is downloaded on the tablet, comfortable shoes to walk in and something to write on in case of a flow moment.

The cosmetic bag is something to pay attention to. Not only for the restrictions that airport’s give you- up to 100ml packaging for liquids, but so that when you are tired and not able to have a shower for a day or two, it is nice to have a few refreshing products to boost your energy. I always carry on me: lip balm, skin lotion, powder, refreshing face wipes- just because, lets be honest, washing your face in planes or airports is not very tempting.


Especially on a long flight you want to wear comfortable clothing. The last thing you want is to have jeans that are too tight, shoes that pinch when your feet get bigger in the air- and trust me they will, or unflexible materials in general that start to smell- such as polyester. You can think of the plane as your bed in a way, you will be spending  up to seventeen hours sitting down in a confined area. It’s not very exiting to feel restricted by your clothing let alone be sleeping in a sitting position for hours on end.


The items I love to travel in, are mainly cotton- soft and breathable. Sports bra is what I wear for sure, I hate the thought of having pinching uncomfortable bra’s to have to adjust on. The pants I like, or should I just say leggings, are maily with a waist band, so they are definetly not too tight when sitting down for a long time. No buttons or zippers for me.

On top of everything the planes are usually too cold or too hot, this means you’ll need a warm scarf or jacket so you can adjust your own warmth no matter what the air conditioning can be. I get cold when I get tired so having a comfort blanket to wrap myself in is a must. This is also a way to bring a little comforting piece of home with you to the big world. Ooh, and lets not forget the socks. A pair of warm socks are always good to have in your bag. I also recommend to get a pair of flying socks. Just because.

This jacket from Geox is my favourite. It is breathable and light to carry and will fit in your bag. Such a great way to regulate your temperature.


I also love it because it works as a pillow as well


On long flights there will always be movies to watch but sometimes it is just nice to have the latest magazine or a book to read. Just take the ones you never have time to read in your everyday life. Travelling should be the time for yourself, pamper yourself so in that way you won’t even notice the negatives or comforts that are lacking.


Preparation plays a huge part in travel. It makes you feel calm knowing you didn’t forget anything and can actually enjoy the trip, as it should be. Another important point is to be on time. Getting stressed about the time is the last thing you want to do. Make time for yourself so you can enjoy a drink or a bite at the airport, this way you’ll adjust to the enviroment and will have a more pleasant journey.

Wishing you all a lovely week. Pack Away Babes!




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