How to style : knitted

Hi Dear,

Being warm is as essential as kale in a smoothie these days. To wrap yourself in a warm knit and be comfortable and cozy but still look like a million? Yes, we want that.

In these cold times- these are the most coldest months of winter in Europe- I wanted to create some inspiration on how to style knits. Even though it’s winter it doesn’t mean we need to be boring.

I found these pair of pants, that so remind me of the style my mom was wearing back in the day. Instantly fell in love. Be funky, be a rebel or be a queen. What ever you choose to wear, be yourself.


The grey comfort. Add a leather jacket to bring some edge.
Never mind about that expression. This scarf was made by my mother. Inspired of the one that Carrie wore of course, darling scarf…
Add a belt to create a waistline.
I love brown and black together. Personally I obey the consept of less is more.
Yes, the pants are short, just to make a point.
Wore it with heels.
When the shoes are the same colour as the pants, it elongates your legs. Something we short girls love to consider.

This ends my lookbook. I really hope you enjoyd it. I wish you a amazing weekend ladies! I’m off to Amsterdam tomorrow, it should not be too cold there now, hopefully. But I will pack warmly for sure, the wind is never forgiving anywhere.

Stay warm,





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