The golden pants I came home with from Amsterdam

Hi Dear,

It was a weekend to be remembered. I have lived in Amsterdam for years before moving to Heidelberg. I love that place, anyone who has lived there knows the that it is just a big small village. Little bubble waiting to burst as you once leave it. Adore.


It wasn’t me..


So being open minded and all I came accross these pants in Zara. I really love them, a perfect pair to match with anything really. This summer yellow and pink are the trend, however I think gold is forever in trend!


Just add a bit of character into the look with frames.


In Amsterdam the streets are busy, the restaurants full and people roaming around the place. The city doesn’t know weekdays. That’s the best part of it all that once you leave the door you’ll never guess where you’ll end up. That certain freedom to be able to wander, to find new places and corners, is what makes living in a city priceless.


Combined with a jumper and booties for more warmer look.


It is good to go back home at times. It will allow you to see things differently and put them into a new perspective. I feel inspired and more determined. Life is all about learning and growing, isn’t it?

I am lucky enough to have many homes in life. Even though my original home is in Finland, I have made new ones in few other places along the way. Us nomads have the ability to adapt and create the surroundings as we go. We are born to be free. And we are born to wear gold.


Details: turn the hem to show the inlining.


Being creative with what you wear is the joy in life I have always treasured. Since I was a little girl I’ve been punk, radical wearing unconventional stuff, kinda girl. Today I am more classic, more into little details but overall comfort. My style has been a journey where you are able to see my mindset. I love this little detail about life.


Say hello to my little friend!


Combine the shiny pants with a plain white tee for that daily look. I think it gives an interesting side to any outfit when there is different categories combined- the sporty tee with the festive chic pants.


For the long nights, add a statement earring.


And one thing I would add as well, is to try the things in shops that don’t always look flattering hanging there. Sometimes the bravery will pay off. We too often get stuck in those same routines and the way we dress. Having an open and playful mind and allowing yourself to bend the rules you’ve created to yourself, is always a good idea! Yes, even stonewash denim on denim, sometimes.


Dam square at night.


This concludes my golden pant lookbook. Hope you enjoyed and got inspired by it.

Till’ next time babes!





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