Plaid pants and a bit of a chic office look

Hi Dear,

These flare high waisted pants got me inspired, so I created few looks around them. If you work in office enviroment you’ve brobably used to seeing plaid everywhere. But now that it is doing a comeback in the high street this season I thought it would be fun to play around with few ideas. Everyday look and something you can wear for work.


Combine the grey pants with navy blouse and pair of Converse’s.

Skinny jeans have been dominating the pants game for so long, it feels like a new kinda freedom to put on pants that leave air between the fabric and the skin. Personally I love grey, it is such easy colour to combine with other colours, basically with anything really. Now you can see lot’s of plaid in the stores in skirts and pants. Brings me back to the 80’s and Kim Basinger, her wild perm and padded shoulders.


I did not sit on him…


The navy blouse is A-lined so to give this look a bit of a silhouette and not to make it look too baggy with the wide pants, I tucked in the front part. It’s a easy way to give any blouse a little uplift, without having to wear body hugging shirt.

Normally when playing with proportions the rule is; when you have volume on the pants, keep the top light, as in thight shirt to accentuate the waist, and opposite- with skinny jeans wear a bigger shirt.

If you like rather to wear for example a chunky knit, I’d wear heels to make your legs look longer. Very wide pants can make you look short and wide, especially if the heel is showing ( the hem being too short ) it cuts the leg in unvanted way. Paying attention to details can make a huge difference to the overall look.


These pants have been tailored short, so I won’t wear them with heels.


Tip: have you ever considered to plan your weekly outfits advanced? Take time on sunday and choose few pairs of pants and five shirts to mix up with and shoes to match for the whole week. This way you wont have to stress in the mornings on what to wear.


Baby blue.

This second look is a bit more formal just because of the shape of the shirt. A baby blue shirt with a little detail to make it fun. This shirt has to be tucked away for it would look otherwise unfinished and basically horrible. I very rarely wear tight shirts myself, but found this one cute and the colour is brilliant with a tanned skin that I still have left from the holidays. And the summer is just around the corner anyway!

To combine formal and sporty is always a good idea!


Being playful with what you wear can bring unexpected joy around you. Next time you step into your office with chic bow shirt or a pair of trainers, you might bring a smile someone’s face and leave them thinking, I want to wear that too!

We can have fun with the way we dress without going overboard in an enviroment that may not be the most welcoming for it. There are still conservative style values out there that can be hard to nock down. But it doesn’t mean we need to be boring. Never be boring, life is too short for that!


Style the blue with golden accessories and you will look like a million.

A finished look is all about proportions. It is also all about how you feel in your clothes. If you don’t like something, do not wear it. Colours are meant to enhance your skin tone not to fade it away. And confidence is showing what ever you are wearing. So wear what you love and let is show!


Be the quirky you that you were born to be!


Thank you for reading and I wish you a successful and fun week!








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