This skirt got me like…

Hi Dear,

On this weeks lookbook I have created three looks on how to wear the pleated skirt that is soo hot right now! You’ve probably seen it everywhere by now. And it is not going anywhere this summer either. So we can all be expected to be wrapping ourselves in the sheer joy of wearing skirts.

So exciting that the spring is on it’s way. Soon we can start unboxing our figures again from under the siege of winter clothes. Loving it!


Is the 1980’s back?

You know the feeling when you’re looking through the shop full of clothes but nothing seems to grab your eye? But then you find that one piece that is just perfect! This skirt was that to me. My motto is when shopping- if you dont have to think about it- buy it. Take it home and love it.When it feels right it must be right.


I love combining different materials like wool and silk together.

For this first look I wanted to add some eighties vibe to it. Combining the skirt with a chunky knit and a pair of knee high boots add’ that vibe. Also the colours make a big difference. As a kid of the eighties, I remember being wrapped only in brown or mustard colour all over. The days before pink or baby blue.


Never mind about that face.

Tip: When wearing skirts, wear the same coloured stockings that your shoes are… It just looks better. Trust me.


If you are a bit scared about wearing loud patterns, the way to dress it down is to wear a top that is in one colour. But where’s the fun in that?

And when having a statement outfit on it doesn’t hurt to add even more fun to it. Bold fun earrings are something I’m obsessed with now. To still keep the look minimal, it’s good to just leave it to that, so no more jewelry. Less is more!


If you miss these earrings, then you must be blind…

There is something so feminine about skirts. Personally I’m not wearing them often, as pants have taken over as my go to wear. That’s why I’m so feeling this outfit. It is a lovely feeling to put on some stilettos and a skirt- the feeling of upping your game.

The fun part about clothes is that you can make yourself feel anything you want! I mean, if you’re not getting excited why bother?


Did someone say chic?

This last look is super chic, with stilettos and a leather jacket just to give it to that bit of a edge look. Wish I could walk around wearing this every day! I love looking effortless, like you’ve just got out of bed looking like this. But we all know it’s not true. Well, maybe a bit;)


Smile is the prettiest thing we can wear. For free, every day.

This will end my lookbook. I hope you got inspiration out of it and feel like wearing a skirt next time you step out of your door. Or at least when the sun gets out again!





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