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Portraits of us is a series of interwievs with women I find inspiring. For me sharing our wisdom and thoughts is the essence of life. What makes us laugh, determined or be kind- everyone has a story to tell. As women, often we need to be strong in life for others, so this is a time for you to feel special.

What shines through in each interwiev is the spirit we have in each of us. Together with the incredible photographer Anthea, we will sit down with these beautiful women and create something for you to get inspired by. This is for all of you from all of us.

Pictures are taken by Anthea Rene photography Link here



I met Tessa for the shoot in a early winter morning. Her calm strong energy has always fascinated me- what lies beneath of her impressive demeaner? I wanted to find out and so we started the interwiev. Starting with the easy questions to warm up:

Describe your style? ” I would have to say laid back. Not following trends for sure. ” Determined she answers as she sits in the chair effortlessly stroking her raven dark hair.

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What or who inspires you as a woman? ” My mom. ” Without hesitation she answers and continues immediately; ” Her change through life inspires me, she truly is amazing! I also must add the lessons in life I’ve been trough before becoming adult, those that taught me. ”

What does style mean to you? ” It means being yourself and being comfortable, style shows your personality. ” She looks at me with her casual, laid back way. I can’t help but noticing how well she is connecting with us. Some people just have it, that strong sence of connection by just being themselves.




By now we are all getting more relaxed and talking on top of each other.

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The most important relationship we have is with ourselves, so how do you take time for yourself? In what ways you maintain the friendship you have with yourself? She giggles obviously loving the question. ” I go through moments where I take Tessa days. Whether it’s a bath, reading or taking long walks by myself, I will spend that time in silence. I mean, there is no music or background noise. The silence is important. ” And I agree with her.

So often we end up neglecting ourselves and just give the time to other people who need us. But the fact is that it is us who need’s us the most.

Love yourself so you can love others, is a saying so onpoint! We all agree on that.


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A quick question! Heels or flats? ” Heels!” She answers with a big grin on her face.


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Okay, so tell me about your latest good deed? ” Latest good deed? “, she repeats. ” I gave money to a homeless man I ran into, so he could buy food. You know those moments when you see someone and you can just tell by looking at their face that they are lonely. That speaks to me, last time my daughter went and bought dog food and gave it to a man begging with his dog. ” We have a conversation about the topic. Giving money to a homeless person is a topic so many people disagree on. Whether it’s a waste of money, a scam or just criminal even to be a begger.

But for many of us, the magic lies in the act of giving itself. And sometimes there is no more to it that that.


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How would you define confidence? ” The way a person is carrying themself.” Simple and defined answer. You can tell Tessa is what she believes in. If you would bump into her in the street, I’m sure you could tell that by just taking a glimpse at her.

Tell me the favorite part of you? ” Sarcasm” -she laughs, ” which sometimes get’s me into trouble.” I know exactly how you feel! And can’t be anything but laughing with her like partners in crime.

Motherhood is one thing that defines you deeply. I know that you are very pround of your daughter, so I  wanted to ask you what would you want your daughter to learn from you? I look at her dark eyes as they are intensively looking for the right words. ” That you need to be a leader, not a follower. And to be comfortable in your body and don’t let anyone else define you. ” Strong words that struck to the core of being a woman.



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You seem to be so comfortable in your skin, so I’d like to ask from you to give some motivation to women who might be struggling with insecurities. What would your message be to them? She looks at me with a steady gaze and answers,” Everybody is unique in their own way. Insecurities are in your own head. We often think we know what others think about us but we really don’t. Life is too short! ” She smiles. ” And you get more comfortable as you get older.”

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Tell me about your most challenging year as a woman? ” Standing in front of my parents house twelve years ago, suitcase in other hand and a baby in other. I am actually in shock that I have made it! ”

I can feel the strength and courage it has taken her to raise a child on her own. And she has made it so incredibly. Us women often show our true strength when we are facing difficulties. I can’t help but feeling so proud to be able to get to know her.



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What is your biggest success in life? ” Getting my bachelor’s. It took me eight years because I had my baby then. I did it all online by night. ” A situation that so many of us can relate to.

Tell us your motto? ” I’ve adopted this one from my mom; If you burn your butt, you will sit on the blisters! ” We are all cracking up, brilliant!

What is the one item you can’t leave the house without? ” Definetly my sunglasses. ”




Please share with us your secret to a good skin? ” First bring water to boil and take a towel and sit steaming your face for ten minutes. After wash your face with ice cold water. That should work on those pores.”

Let’s be honest ladies, this is what we’ll be doing next time we have facials at home.


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By the end of the interview, the feeling I’m left with is that you can just tell that there is generations of strong women behind her and that all is showing in her. And the beauty of it all is, that she will pass it onto her daughter. What a great shoot we had with this woman who let us in to see her true beauty. Lets all be inspired of her grounded strength and pure honesty.

Thank you Tessa!

Untill next time,



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