Playing around with blouses, bow ties and sneakerrs…

Hi dear,

This week’s colour is beige. Like almost every other week in the past months. I love beige, nude and all other brown tones, how could one not. Forget granny panties or old sofa cushions, these days beige is sophisticated and classy.


This look is flexible for a day and night use…


Change the sneakers into heels and take away the white shirt by night and you got a different look. Layering works for those busy days you have no time to change outfits.


Layer up!


Layering gives also that bit of fun into the look. And this way you can wear those off the shoulder shirts even in the cold days. Bell sleeves are a super fun detail to have now.


Bell sleeves!


There is something comforting about beige, it is neutral and warm. And most of all it compliments a sun tanned skin well. I know its winter, but there is the option for self tanning… No need to look like a ghost for half of the year.


Skinny jeans- dont care.


Leather jacket is always a good idea. Whenever, wherever.


I like the idea of a separate bow tie.


Does this make me look like a vicar…


You are what you wear.


White and black are always a safe combo but also powerful one. Whenever you need to get that extra confidence boost, wear white and black. And always have a pair of leather leggings in your closet…


Details: same coloured nails as the stripes in my Con’s.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks lookbook. Even though it is just raining and boring outside, feeling good inside is the key for survival! So waiting for the spring, enjoy your rest of the week babes!






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