Stripes on stripes and baby blue hue’s…


Hi Dear,

On this weeks lookbook I have gathered three different looks with the some trendy ( gosh I hate that word, but using it anyway) pieces to have now. Baby blue and stripes are big on this summer.

I literally woke up the other morning to the sunshine and got inspired again. The spring is here! So I took my heels out and started to feel like a lady again. I took a look at my dark shaded winter wardrope and did a little magic just with a few new items to create a little facelift. Your clothes are like your life- there needs to be progress in order to for you to feel successful.

You are what you wear so wear what you love!



Light denim, blue heels and a fitted shirt that can be tided in the waist to create a sexy waistline.


Sorry, I just have to get this…


The best thing with striped shirt’s is that they look like pyjamas. I mean, who doesn’t want to walk around in the most comfortable piece of clothing there is?


I woke up like this.


Combine your striped shirt with a striped jacket. This jacket is dark so it almost looks like one coloured, add a pair of dark heels to tie the look together.




Heels or flats, whatever makes your heart pound.


Don’t be afraid to combine patterns together. Stripe on stripe looks good when they are different colours.


This conclude’s the lookbook for this week lovelies. I hope you enjoyd it and got inspiration on how to create your daily looks!


Effortless chic


Stay Inspired!





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