The determined woman and her dream.



The first thing about Janina you notice is her beautiful eyes ( lashes to die for ) and her laugh. You know those people that just draw you into their positive energy, she has that. Her calm steady presence is attractive. To me she strikes as a woman of determination and confidence. Why she has chosen to pursue corporate career, does not suprise me at all.

She came in with a sleek grey coat together with a Marc Jacobs pastel tote, very feminine, very classy. She’d been baking some truffle’s earlier that she handed to us, this interview was off to a very good start.


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Tall and radiating she truly is captivating. Janina is on a path to succeed in life, both in herself and in her career. She has initiative, one of the greatest qualities of successfull people. You simply do not stay and lay in the fire, but keep going, as we have a saying back home.

Having a career like her’s, choosing to work in a enviroment where you are constantly representing and being judged on the looks. It all comes down to- how do I represent myself and how do others perceive me? This can be a double-edged sword for us women as too often we struggle anyway with the way we look and with the expectations from others.

It takes a lot of gourage to be able to ignore all that and just be yourself. This is why I feel Janina is an example for many of us. She can bake, she can kick ass at work, be sexy and funny and most of all, stay true to herself.


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The future is feminine, but most of all it should be equal.



Tell me what inspires you as a woman? ” Actually myself.” She answers proudly. Just by looking at her I am not doubting one bit that it’s not true. She looks at me straight with her captivating eyes and continues; ” You only get to know what you have achieved when you look back. Everything I have achieved- who I am- I have made myself.” She takes a pause and adds,” I have changed so much with the people I’ve met. All the different kind of people, the international community I am living in now, they are inspiring me. I love the fact that I have gotten into more broader way of life than just the country I am born in. ”


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On that, please tell me who is the person you look up to? With no hesitation she answers, ” My boyfriend. He is very brave, he has left his family and friends behind to pursue his career by coming into a new culture. I also love that he makes me feel safe. He is always so brave for me and makes me feel protected. ” Her dynamic answer is filled with thought and love. I am so intriqued to dive in for more, there is so much depth to discover on that topic as it’s so close to home.

Being a three time immigrant myself, I realize that too often we ourselves don’t remember to value what we have achieved by leaving our birth homes behind. We take our hard work for granted on becoming integrated in other cultures and languages and won’t always see beyond the struggles we face on what we’ve actually achieved. I love how she just shined a light to this fact and to see the obvious respect she has towards her loved one.


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You give lot of your time to your work. How do you take time for yourself? ” I always take time for myself, I understand the value it has, whether it’s shopping or facials, you need to take time for yourself- for your soul. I consider spending time with my friends also time for myself. ”

This brings me to my next question about spreading kindness. What is you latest good deed? ” I would say that I went out last night with my girlfriend. I gave her my time and it made her happy. ” Friendships are so important and sometimes in our busy lives we tend to neglect them.


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Heels or flats? Both the photographer and her turn to look at me like I’m insane. ” Heels! Do you even need to ask that! ” And we giggle like best friends in a pyjama party.

Her bold laugh is still echoing from the walls as I turn to ask; Tell me how do you define strenght? ” I would say that when you are inline with your actions. Nobody needs to be a marionette.” I love the unapologetic way of her. ” People so often think I am arrogant but when they get to know me they are so suprised how nice I really am. ” I can’t help but smiling to myself, I think too often many of us are in the exact same situation. Are we so scared of strong individuals we immediately place them into the threat file before we even take the time to get to know them?


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With what you won’t be leaving the house without? ” Definetly my handbag. ”

What advice would you give to a person struggling with insecurities? ” I would have to say to engourage that person to be proud of themself, because everyone has something special and unique about them that they can be proud of! ”


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Tell me your motto? ” Enjoy your everyday like it could be the last! ” She says laughing.

You are very successful in your career. What drives you to succeed? ” Basically the company I work for, they are making a difference and I want to make a difference with my work. To me it is a driving force and very important. ”

Would you shine a light on the secret of your personal success?  ” Really, and I mean always, finish what you have started- no matter what happens in life- finish what you have started. Whether it is studying or work, just finish it. ” Such a powerful point where lies the secret of being persistent and seeing the results of your achievements later on in life.


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You are working in a masculin world. Tell me little bit about that? ” It is a challenge, you have to proof yourself, that fact makes it more difficult, but not impossible! You need to have a balance with yourself to realize not to get into fights you don’t need to get into. Be pround of the things that women can do and men don’t. We are different and both sexes have strenght’s and weaknesses that we can balance each other with. ”

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far? ” That would be a German saying that basically goes like; you need to write stuff down, people will promise you things, and if you don’t write them down they will be forgotten. If you write it down on a paper it will stay. ”

I must agree on that, this German efficiency  applies to business agreements as well as artists working on their ideas. I myself am big on writing things down so I won’t forget them. The history of human has been written down!


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I love the warmth side of Janina. Her friends would describe her as caring and considerate. Her dream is to one day have a cafe with bakery. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of taste her bakings will agree that this dream should come true.


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Baking is your passion, how did it start? ” Honestly, my mom was never a good cook, so I tought it can’t be that difficult so I started to learn! And I love sweets. It would be my dream one day to own a little cafe and a home decor shop with some jewelry of course…”

Her eyes lit up and with a big smile she continues; ” I feel very relaxed when I bake, and I love to make other people feel good! ” She looks absolutely stunning in her red dress and I can’t help but admire her. Maby those limoncello truffles she came in with had something to do with it. In any case I am happy to have met one more woman to admire.

What I am left with this conversation with Janina is not to feel sorry for yourself or apologize of who you are, but rather just keep heading towards where you want to go in life. By keeping things simpe and not spending time on what other’s might think of you, you can achieve so much more. And always make yourself to be proud of being you!

Thank you for reading.


Photograper, Anthea Rene Anthea Rene Photography

Writer: Teamariastyle






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