This week’s essentials; Calvin Klein’s to Bahama lotion…

Hi Dear,

Because it’s sunny and warm we can start unveiling our faboulous bodies that been hybernating for such a looong time. At least for me it feels like forever… My tan I worked so hard on the winter holidays has faided and let’s be honest them legs haven’t seen daylight since god knows when. Well, now it’s the time to go out and polish that pale goddess body of yours! Here are some of my essentials to kick off with and be the glowing goddess you are!

First is a glowing body oil from Sephora. There is plenty of other ones out there so pick your choice ladies! I know that Sephora is not available in all countries, so when ever I’m travelling I’ll rebfurnish my stock. I will leave a link here just in case you want to check out what they have to offer Sephora . Also in the picture a travel size cleansing water to feel re-freshed when it’s needed.




Next up is another body lotion from DM that is a German store. This body lotion smells divine! Like Fidji and the Bahamas put together. Throws me right back to the beach.




What ever you might say, I have stopped wearing bra’s long ago. Not because of the #freethenipple movement but because they are so uncomfortable. And I once caught the iron sticking right out towards my heart, that was the end for me. So, now I only wear sports bra’s and luckily many brands have made soft ones to be more comfy in like these, my favourites from Calvin Klein . I don’t miss that pulling and adjusting one bit…




Next up I wanted to cheer myself up with some colour, so I found this little bag to do the trick.  I think god made red for us to be happy. The bag is small enough to carry easily but big enough to fit the essentials. For those who are not familiar, Deichmann is a German chain that sell’s shoes and accessories. Nice deals.




Testing the bag in action. #streetshot Heidelberg.




Next up is this blue top from H&M . Loving the open shoulders and cute bows. They got it in blush and blue. Put the link above in case you want to check it out. Mainly my clothing’s are from sale or second hand so I normally don’t have links for direct shopping. The idea is to get inspired on how to style outfits- not to market products. There is always shops full of similar items to choose from anyway!




In the sun everything seems better. So go out there and enjoy every bit of it! Wear clothes that make you happy and reflect who you are. Be proud of being unique you who has so much to give!




I wish you a fantastic weekend. Go out there and shine girl!




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