The work you put on yourself- it will never be finished, so be forgiving and patient. On goal setting and self development.


“Never stop dreaming. Never stop exploring, within yourself and this world we live in.”

Hi Dear,

Life is ment to be an adventure, I’m sure we all agree on that. It is about believing in magic and your own capabilities. Enjoying the moments and beauty all around us. Too often though we forget this and get lost in the society’s demands. What if I acclaim that those demands we are obeying are only existing in our own heads and we can set ourselves free from them. When we care more what other people think about us than we actually care what we think about ourselves is where we’re going wrong.

It is so interesting how different we all are and why some of us are daydreamers and rebels who tendt to take life more lightly- take it more as a adventure, whilst some of us are more realistic and stuck to their ways without even trying to think for themselves and sadly ending up living an unhappy life. It is our own responsibility to take control of our own minds and therefore lives.

I have gathered here some of the things that have worked for me on how to be more successfull and happy in life. Life is a journey into yourself.




We are what we surround ourselves with. Remove negative people from your life.

Do you agree that some people like to compensate their lack of charachter and from pure jealousy they like putting others down? These people can be very argumentative and you get a sense not to trust on them. Ditch these people. The best indicator for you is that you feel uncomfortable in their company. When someone is more focused ( negatively ) on your life than on their own, there is something wrong.

I am convinced that those people are the ones who need help the most. The ones that are scared of listening their inner voice and have stopped dreaming. But unfortunately I have no energy to be the one helping them to heal, so instead focusing on creating a relationship with them, I choose to walk away. I choose to save my energy on rewarding relationships and building my own self to be the best I can be. This is taking control and responsibility of your own life to yourself.

Reminding yourself every now and again about your goals and standards in life and keeping up healthy relationships will keep you on the right path. It is so easy to fall into the negativity trap but once you learn to pick it a mile away- it will get easier to avoid.

Once you understant that someone is not uplifting you and everytime you talk or see them they have a way of making you feel confused- leave those people. Just stop. It is a lesson in life that might take time but it is one of the most important ones.




What you think, you become. Become creative. Keep your imagination flowing.

The best way to keep connected with yourself, is to be aware of your dreams and hopes. Write them down. Whether you go and sit in a cafe or in the comfort of your own home, either you have a MacBook or a pen, just write things down. This way your ideas and thoughts will stay with you, they will stay alive and active for you to use them and start subconsiously working on them.

Talking about your truth’s and goals is another is important. Saying things out loud will make your mind accept them as reality and therefore you will start acting towards them. For example- every day look yourself in the mirrow and say you are a good person, cabable and beautiful and this you shall become! Our minds is the most powerful tool we own…

I believe being creative is not something we are born with. It is someting we can all cultivate. Creativity is our soul coming out for everyone to see, the inner child we have forgotton or had to grown out of. This is why for example some art might have a profound meaning to you but your friend might not understant at all the attraction.

We are always looking for connections to support our own way of thinking, us humans love to share, we love to feel connected. Once we open up our minds to a change, doors will open to places we never could imagion before. Being out there in the world can be confusing in the sense of being able to listen to your own inner voice. Thats why taking time for yourself, being in silence is important for the connection with yourself. Art can be a way to spend valuable time with yourself, to connect you and to guide you to your success.



Read books, go for walks in the nature and spend time with yourself.


Think positive.

All of us can learn to be positive. Your mindset is adjustable with your thoughts. Teaching yourself to become more mindfull and loving will open more doors to self growth. Letting go of anger and bitterness towards your past will release you to be more present and non-judgemental. What helps with this is to realize you don’t need as much as you thought you would. Once you stop comparing your life to others life the change will begin. Focusing on you and your state of mind is the most important thing in this life I think. After that you are cabable and can love and help others.

But like everything in life, it’s not handed to you in a silver platter- things take time- so while you are working on yourself, you need to be forgiving and understanding towards you and others around you. We all make mistakes. And none of us is perfect. And another fact is that this work you will do on yourself will never be finished. And that is the secret, it will never be finished, so be forgiving.




The road of becoming successfull is challenging for sure

If you want to be successfull in anything in life, you must put time and effort into it. Beginning this year I made a deal with myself to work on my goal of doing a businessplan. Some days it seems so scary I might avoid even thinking about it but some days it is all so exiting and intruiqing. Seeing yourself develope is so rewarding. Good example of this is the gym, when you train hard ( whatever workout it may be ) to be able to see the results gives you more motivation.

The secret to success is that it is only up to you to do this, no one else will drag you out to the track or come to your house and offer you the job of your dreams. The person you need to win- is yourself.




Create your own path and keep on walking on it

Being emotionally independent is important. Always think for yourself and listen to yourself. There is so many people out there who want to tell you how to live your life, don’t let them, just keep on your own path. We all have had misshits in the past where we’ve allowed someone else to decide the future for us. Once you open your creativity and learn to know yourself, you will know what to do. And if you fail, then you try again.

Set goals

One of the most important things I found in life is to keep moving ahead. Many times people feel stuck in situations where everything stays the same, and this is the killer. Setting yourself goals to work towards will keep you active and hungry. The goals can be small or big- I will be able to do a pull-up without assistance in three months time, I will set a goal to be more active to keep in touch with my friends and family, or I will land that promotion at work. Whatever your goal is keep reminding it to yourself, keep it alive so you become it. You are the change you want to see.

The secret is to feel continuance and growth. This will work on anything in life- relationships, work, hobbies- in all aspects in life we need to develope and grow in order to feel successfull. There is nothing worse that the feeling of being stuck. I personally been there so many times. This will tell you it’s time to move on or make a change, little or big, change is always good.

Thank you for reading!




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