How to get back on track. Thoughts on getting inspired again when you are your own bosslady.

About being your own bosslady

Being a blogger does not come without challenges, like nothing good in life really. You are your own bosslady and team. Inspiration is what you work with. I have started only less than a year ago writing my blog and this is the first time I’ve had trouble of finding inspiration and keep working. Your own input is what makes it work. My favorite quote is ” Always have a mindset of an entrepreneur ” .

So, getting back on track can be challenging. Especially after you’ve had the pleasure to wander the streets of different cities aimlessly for days, eat out and enjoy the company of good friends.





First you rebel against getting back into the routines. Why can’t life be never ending adventure! Who needs routines anyway? -you ask yourself. Well, the matter of fact is that we all do to a certain point. We need routines to keep us healthy and happy.



Nights in hotels.


We had amazing time in Brussels and Netherlands. The whole trip was amazeballs. The thing in Europe is that where ever you go, it feels like you belong. It’s simply so easy to travel from country to country and book hotels on the go. Travelling feeds your soul, ” when we travel, we learn ” .

However during this time I became very good at avoiding the things I needed to do.


This is how it works

First ignorance is a bliss. You tell yourself that you can do it later. Tomorrow is a good day! So the days go by turning into weeks and you get really talented avoiding what you should really be doing. And trying to avoid something you must do is ohh so easy- making up a bunch of excuses never seemed easier. How many times on one can clean the closet, take the dog for a walk, call a friend, check your insta feed and Facebook or peel an orange…) anything really but to sit in front of the computer.



The quilt is hanging in the back of your mind and you start telling yourself I should just start… Like right now! Just go and sit on the chair and put your hands on the keyboard. But, then something comes up and the moment is gone. Tomorrow then! You keep telling yourself.


When then reality starts to sink in that you really must start now. Nobody else will do it for you. There will be only silence without your words. What should I write about then?  And what if they dont like what I am writing about? What if no one is interested of my writing?


IMG_9761 (1)


I feel discouraged. I feel like a failure. I feel like there is no inspiration in me what so ever. How can I inspire others if I can’t even inspire myself?

But like anything in life the secret to succeed is just start doing. Just start writing and it will come! You are writing for yourself, you are creating yourself. You see, this whole battle was only fought against yourself.

” Where there is a will there is a way “

These past weeks have been very blessed for me- family and friends visiting, travelling, and enjoying what life has to offer. Maintaining the routines consistently is a big challenge for a spontanious person like me, but it is never too late to learn.




So what have I learned from this is that I need to take time for myself no matter what the circumstances are and just do it! Keeping up with the routines is important. Taking care of yourself is important. I do not want to doubt myself again.




Now I sit in the house getting myself organized. Writing this to you. Hoping it all makes sense. And tomorrow I will write some more.








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