Adventuring Schriesheim. A lazy summer’s day Lookbook from the little streets of nowhere.

Hi dear,

For those days when everything you wear is too hot.

We went adventuring with my babe to this little town just next to where we live. It felt like being abroad. Cheap thrills!




I love stone, basically anything from stone is amazing. So many little towns in Germany have cobblestone roads and old stone barns. J’adore!


Little France.

Another obsession of mine is window shutters. And they all painted with different colours. It’s like looking at a bunch of candy.




Adventuring into this school yard. Wouldn’t you rather play amongst art than in plain concrete?




Having art around us is making the world a better place.




When your bae is killing it in his man gear.




This house reminded me from home. Such a scandinavian style with the plain wood, one could almost smell the sea and the tar that fishermen use to fix their boats in the spring.




I bet you my mom would love this house covered in roses.




This sleepy little town is full of pretty details to get exited about.




One thing is for certain, one won’t get lost in this place. But that is okay because there are so many other places to get lost out there.




If these minty shutters won’t get your inspiration flowing, then I don’t know what will. At least they can make you crave for a icecream cone…




Thank you for reading and hope to see you visiting again soon peeps.

Have a great beginning of the summer, as it has just begun!





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