Mindflow in a little lighthouse and the cute dress for a summerglow.


Hi dear,

I found this little lighthouse. Actually it’s not really a lighthouse ( the only thing was that the light was missing… ) but in my mind it could have been. So it became.




The little white peacon at the end of the peer became a source of inspiration.




A source.

It was then I realized once more, I need to find more sources. That is the secret of creation- find what inspires you.




This place is marvellous, I thought. The absolute brightness of the white stone walls shining against the depth of the blue sea. The wind had definetly picked up like reminding of what this little house would endure in the winter time.




All the wrath of the meter thick ice crushing towards it’s foundation. But there it stood firmly, still years standing beautifully, accepting it’s surrounds. Like becoming a part of them.

Ecxatly the way life should become: entity with cycles of enduring and sunshine.




Do you believe you will become what you want yourself to be? I do.

You should too.

In time.

Everyone should.




The building is called the observation tower and it is located in Oulu, Finland. There the winter last’s up to seven months with up to a meter thick ice on the surrounding sea, Gulf of Bothnia. It is there where Finland and Sweden unite. Travel enough and the next stop is the Artic Ocean. Hrrr.




Btw the dress is from Zara.

Hope you lovely peeps enjoyed the read. Have a awesome summer and stay inspired!






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