How to dress up a little Leather Skirt.

Hello dear,

Hope you are doing awesome. The summer is going on it’s fullest, heat is on in the most part of Europe. So many mornings spent waking up and thinking what to wear.

When it’s too hot the less is better of course, but when you have to work, wearing less is not always such a good idea. Coming up with outfit’s to fit your everyday life can be challenging. So I hope you get some inspiration on this how to dress a mini skirt without having to wear those damm stockings, finally!




Get those legs out darling!




Here I paired the dress with a relaxed t-shirt and sexy heels. Perfect for going out day or night. Grey and black are always a good pair.




Pair the skirt with white shirt for that going to work- look.




Or with sneakers for a more relaxed streetstyle. Pairing white with the black gives the outfit a fresh touch.




More t-shirts the better! When you have tight dress, having a loose top gives a balance in the outfit. The bat sleeve shirt is from Zara.




For a minimalistic look have less jewelry to embhasize the chic effect.




For the last one, a sporty tee looks really nice with a brown leather skirt and a pair of yellow sunnies. Vintage seventies look to go about your day!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. More will follow next week.






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