I am sassy. I am strong. I am me.


She sits down in front of the camera and slightly tilt’s her head to the side. ” So, what do you want to know about me then? “




Silver blond hair, sassy mouth- she has that intense look about her. Yet once you get underneath there’s a loving, kind hearted witty girl who is not afraid to love. In this article of Portraits of us we will dive into her career, family and life.




About confidence

” Confidence is all about having self worth. ”  She say’s as she strikes her straight ashy hair. ” Looking back at myself four years ago- confidence was the key. I would get home from work knowing I’d done my best that day. We all have insecurities, but what I’ve learned is that you can only be confident once you have found yourself. It might sound impossible, it does take a lot of work to find yourself but it pays off. The work you put in yourself is something you won’t regret. ”

What do you admire about yourself? ” Im hard working and commited. I try really hard to be a truthful and honest person. Trust is very important in life. To be that person that others can come to and know you will be there for them. ”




About her

What is one thing you would never let go of in your life? She looks to the distance like searching for the answer. ” I think the one thing I treasure a lot are my photos- the memories they hold. Sometimes in life you can lose people, family and friends but the memory is captured. It stays. ”

What is important to you in life? ” My family and my husband. I am very family oriented person, they give me support and happiness. ”

How do you take time for yourself? ” I read a lot, anything from romance to true crime. Reading keeps your brain active. I love to immense myself into a book, so you can’t put it down. ”




What does style mean to you? ” Style is a representation of you. If I buy something that’s in fashion I look hideous. Style comes within you, it is something personal. Fashion is something you can steal ideas from. ”

What makes you feel sexy? ” Underwear definelty make’s me feel sexy. It’s something that only you know. As so often we only look outside, it’s like a hidden secret inside. ”


” My motto: my life, my way. I have a tattoo in my ribs I took when I was twentyone. “



About family

I’ve known you about two years now and you have an insane sense of humour whitch is very rare. What do you find funny? ” My family ” – she grins, ” I was brought up in a household were we’d give each other frights constantly. We would be always joking around. My mom, my uncle and aunty would create this vibe of fun times. ” Talking about her family makes her lit up.

” I look up to my mom hands down, there is not even a question in my mind. I have the utmost respect for her- she devoted her life to raise me and my siblings. She would go without stuff so that we would have the best of the best. There was never a regret in her that she took the role of both mom and dad. Women they become super women in moments like that- she literally is my hero. I have to add also that my brother is very influential man in my life. He’s such a good listener and we have a strong bond. There is this side of him I admire that he’s able to connect with people easily. ”






What piece of clothing you love and would never let go of? ” Michelle’s leather jacket, my sister who past away. I wear it all the time because it reminds me of her. She had that edge about her- she was flipping edgy! My sister ment the world to me and wearing that jacket I carry a little piece of her with me. ”




About love

The biggest decision you had to make in your life- move to another country for love. Can you talk a little bit about that? ” This place, being away from my family and friends, I have learned to be stronger on my own. I have realized that I can do it. Giving up my past life, work and social life is a tough decision to make. But, as much as marriage and starting a new life in a foreign country is hard work- it pays off at the end of the day. I love my husband, he has this silly side of him that he can make me laugh. Having to depend on each other has made us so much stronger. ”





About work

” I worked for a pr and events company back home. We did fashion week, ladies nights, magazine events, style awards etc, so lot of organizing and dealing with people. Working on glamorous events as a event manager was really my thriving force. I felt absolutely amazing about myself! I had that power and confidence of knowing that I was good at my job. Dressing up in gorgeous clothes- my life was faboulous and I felt amazing. ”

” Meeting socialites felt some what weird in the beginning but I guess you learn to see people differently after a while. Some were pretencious but some very sweet. We’d make friends with the bar staff so they would give us free drinks. We’d make friends with the guest’s so they would hold a drink for you to pass by and have a sip! ”


” My boss’s favourite word was faboulous! She would storm into the office and scream drama, it’s a disaster! She was so funny in that way. “


” I loved my boss but it was a love hate relationship. She tought me everything about business and our relationship became like a mom daughter in a twisted way. That woman has a brain, she’s extremetly intelligent and I learned so much working with her. She tought me what is like to work your ass off for something you want- to put your heart and soul into creating something you love till perfection. She gave me woman power. The time working for that company was something that changed my life, she believed in me and that I could do it even though I was totally new to that environment, there were so many celebrities, cameras and unwritten rules. ”

” I learned a lot about myself. I learned to be independent in my work. I became confident and learned to speak to people. Being shy before, the job cave me tools to find myself in a new way. Looking back now maby I became too hard. Maby just a bit too nasty just because the way the job intails for you to become tough. ”


” I know now we need to have passion for what we do in life. We need it in order to thrive. “


” Once you find something you have passion for, that passion, it gives you so much drive that everything comes naturally. I’d leave my house five in the morning to get to work at seven. Everyday total four hours of commuting. I would make the work of four people. I was literally living at the office. I would not finish the day until I knew that everything needed was done. I learned responsibility big time. ”


” Even though the job was so demanding it gave me purpose in life. “


” I knew all this had come to an end one day because the work started to affect on my health. I resigned three times, but I never actually left. I had to have five tequilas to be able to send my first resignation letter. After my boss would phone me and told me I can’t do that and I would stay. But my life became a party. And I would not change away a single day. And even though Im not working anymore I still miss it every day. I miss the pressure and the environment. Getting ready in my car for going to an event. There was no time left for dolling up. I had my whole closet in the booth of my car!  Heels and all. ” She’s laughing.






” After moving into another country- my life calmed down a lot. Landing onto nothingness, I lost a bit of my purpose- there was only calm. I had to learn to deal with not having that same passion anymore. I love my life now. Without change there is no progress. But there is still that girl in me who remembers running around in heels and sipping on coctails, watching the event unfold. ”





I want to thank this incredible lady for being so open and honest. After having this interview months ago, she is now expecting their first child. I wish them both lot’s of happiness and passion in their new adventure together.


Thank you for reading,



Pictures By: AntheaRenePhotography

Interview, Editing and layout By: Teamariastyle

Styling By: Teamariastyle



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