” When the soil of your homeland is no longer beneath you it is time to take care of yourself. ” A poem for all the travellettes and nomads.


It takes courage to pack up and leave. It takes soul to be able to fall in love over and over again.

You Love

you are Love,

never forget.




There are new city lights for you to get lost into

new rain to feel on your skin

the laughter as they walk by.


Strangers in the windows

chandeliers hanging from the roof.


And the only thing you own is a suitcase.




When the soil of your homeland is no longer beneath you

it is time to take care of yourself.


When you can’t depend on other people anymore

where there is no home but the one you build in you

it takes strenght to handle rejection.


Sometimes the pieces shatter

but you collect them together.




The time you spend looking out from the window when you are alone.

When you have so many ideas and thoughts bursting out of you but no one to share them with.

When nobody speaks your language,

you must try to understand, they try to understand you.

How do you make them laugh?


What did you expect?




Who you were when you left

you will not be the same.

You look inside yourself daily, give encouragement daily

you become strenght.

You become under the eyes of others.




You find the meaning of home is no longer having a home

you carry home with you

through all of this, it has stayed by your side.


For the life you are searching is within you.

You don’t need saving.




I see you

the mountains see you.

The footprint you left in the soil back then.

It’s all there.


Just for living through all those moments, I salute you.

Let there be travel.





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