Colour pop- little lookbook to my current favourites.

Hello you,

We all love a glowing skin, don’t we. In the summer time I use skin oil with shimmer a must, this one is from Sephora. I love the fact that it gives a light tan too.

Using foundation can be annoying when it’s hot, and I am a firm believer of natural skin, but finding this glowing highlighter felt just such a fit! I love that it’s easy to use just mix up into your foundation to give your face a slight glow. Just a slight though… We are not trying to build up a lighthouse here…

The third absolute fav of mine is this dry shampoo from COLAB . The product is vegan friendly and not tested on animals. This is what we want to see more!




From the new collection in Zara I found this adorable denim skirt. I think it’s nice to wear also in the fall with some high boots and knits. But for now I paired it with something little lighter.




Those rose patches are something that’ll make everyone go wooow!!!




The future is so bright. Never forget that dears!




Candy stripes are so adorable. The top is a sale piece I found from Zara too. Can make any outfit pop up like being in a candy fluff. Really, a sweet deal I got with this one. The end sale in Zara is something I won’t let slip by.




The next obsession for me now is this lipstick. I love that colour! I was inspired by Joey Mead King on The Kings , a reality show on TLC. So interested to watch the show, as Angie is a transgender, and I’m obsessed with documentaries and real life people stories.

The colour is number 424, from Kiko , to say something about it, it’s long lasting and I think it would look amazing with darker hair. But us blondes have to work with what we got.




Lastly but not leastly … The pineapple earrings I got from the scandi brand Glitter. Some colour to add to the day!




This was it! Colourful and sunny. I leave you to it. Untill next time babes!




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