After the move, comes settling in. What I’ve learned so far about Kiwis.


My first post from the other side of the world. Like talking with my mom on the phone, she said ” It feels like you are in the next room”, as the connection was so good. I have moved around before many times, but this time it was more special, as I am literally on the other side of the world.




My heart was touched by the love I got and the caring I felt from everyone special who supported our big move. It made me realize even more that we are nothing without each other.




So, what do you do first thing when you have a new culture and country to explore? Well, if you know my bf you’d know that first comes pies. So we had a pie. It was a delish pie for that matter, and they must be eaten while driving, authentic, forget the award winning cafe pie’s, on the road is the way to go.



I got my mind on a pie.


The next step is to learn to understand what people are saying to you… It is well known that kiwi’s have bunch of their own sayings. Learning to ask kindly how one’s name is being spelled before you make wrong conclusions is part of the adventure. Perhaps, looking back in few years time, I will look fondly on this memory.



New saying’s I’ve never heard before, twisting of the tongue I’ve never done before.


I am truly surprised how helpful and kind kiwis come across. Life is good, and if it’s not “she’ll be right mate” will do. And giving good banter has never hurt anyone. I am intrigued to dive in for more.




And then, onto my favorite subject, food! Honestly everything tastes so much better here. The veggies have more color, they are grown in a neighboring area. I can see a rare thing these days: cow’s grazing in the fields. I love eggs again, the yolk is as yellow as the sun and the taste even better. I am feeling the food.




Another thing some of you know- who are crazy about foreign supermarket selections- I can say the excitement is real. I will treasure it until it get’s too familiar in time. I even found my favorite Italian pasta, so everything is coming to place. And not to mention there is Europian food store in Auckland that sell’s Finnish bread, just in case of homesickness!



You had me at dip.



Another thing in New Zealand is that one is never too far from a good vineyard. As sauvignon is my holy water- the supermarkets are full of tasty wines to try out. Close to where we live is a olive state, that we took a visit to. The beauty of nature and what it has to offer never seizes to amaze.




It is coming into summer here, so my apologies for the change in style as I will not be in the same seasonal cycle with you in Europe. But I hope you will still keep on getting inspired. I will do my best.




Distance never separates two hearts that really care.


Have a great weekend babes and keep on watching this space;)

Thank you for reading.




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