No leftovers from dinner. A culinary adventure in Ponsonby to make your mouth water.

“Live authentic my dear.”

We were off to Ponsonby, a little suburb in Auckland. Bohemian and known for its amazing variety of restaurants, I felt stoked to adventure there for the night.

The vibe in Ponsonby is suberb. Coming from Europe, from cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm and Barcelona, to mention a few, I feel Auckland especially Ponsonby has that effortless vibe needed to attract city roames like myself. The neighbourhood is inviting to explore and taste every bit of it.

“What we get from the land, should be respected”

So we ventured to Orphans Kitchen known for its kiwi take on food- food as a lifestyle, collaborating with local growers and serving fresh ingredients. We had a good crew, a good time and got to sit at the chefs table, what a dude. I totally became a fan.

“What are people other than reflections of each other?”

The setting is rustic and fresh. There are beehives in the rooftop. So homegrown honey it is. And look at that evening light …

Can’t think of anything universally more connecting people than food. Talking about it, getting inspired by it and most of all, eating it. When I eat, I want to eat good food. Do you agree?

This day and age when we have everything at our doorstep it is refreshing amongst all the big giants to actually support and eat local. I think New Zealand is a ideal place for that. I am amazed how connected people are here with their food and where it comes from.

My babe was definelty connecting with his octopuss …

Spending time amongst good people is what life is about. Being able to enjoy the surroundings, sounds, smells and colours is what makes my day. And this was definetly one of those days!

If you’re ever around, I’ll take you there;)

Thanks for reading babes. Enjoy your time, where ever you happen to be.

Till next time,



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