Current beauty favourites in January

Hi dear,

It’s January and a time for a new you! Well maybe not exactly but definitely time for a new glowing skin. Here are some of my favourites I use at the moment to keep my skin hydrated and healthy looking.

First I want to mention the importance of nutrition of course, what we put in our body shows on the skin. So, drinking water and keeping away from the sugar is a key. Heavy processed and oily foods are also a big no for a light glowing look. Everything we eat and drink shows in our faces. Avoid stress at all possible ways and make sure to sleep well each night.

Easier said than done in this madness we call life. But like all good things in life come to those who reach for them! And boy, have I reached for them this new year. I figured to invest on my skin after a long time using minimal products to maintain my beauty.

Im a believer of less is better when it comes to taking care of my skin.

You see, I believe the secret of high end beauty products lies more on the experience of using them. One definitely feels more luxurious when that seductive subtle scent awakens you and your skin in the morning. I think it’s well worth it just because of that fact. When it comes to a single product fixing your skin, I have my doubts on that. Thats more to do with your diet.


Let’s start with a new skincare line from Shiseido. Beautiful Japanese brand with a long history on exclusive skincare. We traveled to Australia and at duty free I stumbled upon their new skincare line WASO, designed especially for milennials. I fell in love with the consistency of the products and packaging ( of course ).

” Through WASO, Shiseido is redefining beauty – empowering Millennials to feel beautiful in their own skin whatever their gender, nationality, age or status. ”

Read more here Shiseido Waso

Together with a profound message, they have once again produced a beautiful artisan like product that is pleasing to use at a affordable price. The ingredients include tofu, carrots and white jelly mushroom. So cute!

After using the cleanser and day lotion, I can say that I love the product. It’s so fresh and light on skin. I literally see little jellyfishes swimming around like in the Japanese cartoons, in a sea of soft peachy waves, it works for me.

Next favourites are from Clinique. A classic eye opener- the all about eyes serum. Read more Now, I never had this product before, so I thought to try it out and I feel like singing where have you been all my life to it! It’s literally freshening little ball with a soothing gel to it. During the time I was sick it was my small joy to keep refreshing my eyes in the hotel room mirror, fancy that.

The other favourite from Clinique is a lip product. Clinique pep-start pout restoring mask. Read more Now this one I definitely would recommend for my friends living back home. When the thermometer creeps up to those cold winter numbers we all know what happens to our lips. This has the perfect consistency to protect against the cold and cracking of the lips. I use it in the evenings to nourish through the night or just to add tiny bit before lipstick to give a smooth finnish. It’s tiny but it works!

Last but not least is one of my favourite New Zealand brand, literally made next door where we live. Read more Simunovich Olive Estate have managed to pack their olive goodness into refreshing and literally clean skincare line. There are no nasties. Literally none. Obsessed.

I use their illuminating face polish and hydrating facial toner. Who else is obsessed with hydrating facial sprays? That and lipgloss- give me more! So easy to carry with and refresh/ hydrate on the go. The face polish leaves a glowing clean skin that’s even been boyfriend approved. Now that says a lot. You get the guys to love it- then you know it works 😃

Hope you got some inspiration out of this and thank you for reading peeps 😘 Have a great rest of the week. Stay beautiful!

P. S let me know if you’d like to know more on some of the products mentioned


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