Up in the sky where our hearts beat to the sight of beautiful Auckland

“Exploration starts at your own doorstep.”

Hi dear,

Somedays it does you good to be a turist in your own town. Adventure can be done anywhere! So we booked a night at the skytower. Had a fancy dinner, gambled some at the casino and did the next day hungover turistic stuff. Basically had a blast together, just the two of us, did what we do best- hang out together and explore.

“Sure thing the bright lights of the city at night were attractive.”

Now, one might think, wait a minute, what kind of exploring is to get pissed with your other half in your home town? I say its the best exploring!

For city rats the race is on to try out all bossible menus, taste all kinds of coffee roast’s and set a foot in all the beautiful interiors man has created. If having to taste a few champangne’s or wines here and there to get the perfect wholesome experience, is needed, Im all in.

The sugar club

” Where she felt that there can never be too much of candle light and dimmed shades of dark. “

I’m a big believer of doing stuff regularly that breaks the ordinary days, to keep the flame burning. In any relationship and in any lifestyle. So we booked in for a classy dinner at the Sugar Club Read more

Getting dressed up to go for a dinner is a big part of the moodsetting for the night. Exiting, as anything can happen! The key is to expect nothing and appreciate everything. Just make sure your dressed for the part.

Sitting in front of each other in a darkened moody room and hearing slight melodies of a sophisticated piano playing makes you really feel adult. Untill you order a tequila and the waiter gives a slight uncomfortable silence to your request but brings you one anyway.

The food has flavours bursting out of every spoon- and forkful. It really is an form of art, cooking. I love food and I love eating it. This place really nailed everything to the last drop.

I wish all restaurants had service like at the Sugar Club. Dining as an experience should be a overall pleasure that lingers in your tongue long after you’ve digested all that goodness.

“The pleasures in life we accumulate, make us who we are.”


The Sky Tower

Up, high, standing tall, this tower is a must see. Learning that the tower stands magnificent 328 meters tall, has some tons of concrete in it and other important deets later we found ourselves looking at the spectacular 365 view overlooking Auckland.

The city that I love.

Just the sight of water is freedom itself. My mom always loved to live up high where you can see far. Maby I got it from her, but I love a good view. It makes you appreciate the magnatude of life. Continuence of living, there is always something more out there.

Unfortunately after all the fun comes the next day. When the party is over and you have to pack your bag and head home. But not before we had pizza. Never leave before pizza!

I leave you to it dear😍✌🏽 Thank you for reading and happy weekend! Never forget the adventure is just a step away!




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  1. Tea, you have a real talent to write, you made me feel dressing up for the Sugar Club. I’m happy to see you enjoying your new life. Take good care of yourself and a big hug to Chad!

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