What I wore this week. – Linen LoVe for a sophisticated summer style.

Hi babe,

I am currently obsessed with linen. It is just the best material during hot summer days when you dont feel like wearing much but can’t really walk around naked either. Airy and light.

Lucky for me the shops are full of linen this summer! Especially Glassons had beautiful summer collection this year. I was wandering in Sylvia Park the other day and these linen pants totally caught my eye.

They give such relaxed yet sophisticated look to any day or any outfit. The tee is from Thrills who ship internationally. And if you are falling in love with this bag like I did👉🏽 find it here: Sportsgirl another high street label from Australia. Im so exited to explore all these new interesting labels on this side of the world.

Keep calm and wear easy. I love wearing natural tones at the moment. They just make me feel feminine and a bit romantic. Linen definetly has that casual effortlessness we all need in our lives. Like living in the Mediterranian and stepping out on the cool evening breeze for drinks. You get the picture.


Let’s have a little moment for this gorgeous vintage silk kimono. In Japanese it’s called Haori, and it fits just perfectly. I can see myself wearing it on those chilled nights when you need something to through on to keep you warm. It is simply stunning piece to have in any wardrope.

I was working at the Mission Bay Art and Craft annual market when I stumbled upon Otherwayside . The stall was so inviting and interesting with beautiful prints and fabrics that I had to stop by.


All their kimonos are handmade and indivually picked from Japan and all of them have a long history behind them. The owner was such a sweetheart, I just love supporting small businesses and shopping local is giving so much more to the whole experience of purchasing an item.

When we buy something with a good memory attached to it, that piece is most likely going to stay with us as a valued item for a long time. ..

Now, this black goddess of a piece of clothing from Fate&Becker is a great example of how jumpsuits are the new hot stuff. It’s light yet firm shaped and will make you feel elegant. I wore it to a wedding and it looked so chic. Sometimes its nice to wear the pants. Don’t you agree?


If you don’t feel your clothes, feel what you are wearing, why wear them in the first place? There are days when we just through on something in order to get out of the door and that is totally okay. But even then we need to feel comfortable in those clothes. We need to feel them. Clothes are a functional part of our lives that have many affects beyond what we might think.

..So be kind to yourself and wear what you love. I leave you to it dears. I hope this week has been a fab one for you.

Thank you for reading.




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