Bohemian moodboard- pastel hues from the sea

Happy monday dear,

I wanted to share my weekend with you. Hope you enjoy the read and get inspired of it.

This weekend I got eaten by mosquitos, drank wine and swam in the waves like a mermaid.

Unfortunately this is not my everyday life, so when you get the change- must soak it up for the rainy days. Like Tess does. She knows that the best place to chill is on the sunny side.

There were little to none of a breeze during the nights to sleep in but the breeze from the ocean during the days made me forget those hot nights.

The light.

Something I really love is taking pictures of details. There is magic everywhere if we take the time to stop and look. Paying attention to details and living in the moment is the base of a mindfull lifestyle I love to live.

The early morning light that soaks up the room with tender care.

The food.

Or this little shop that made me smile from all the love that had been put into it by choosing the right products, placed exactly in their right places.

If you’re around, pop in and have a look for yourself at cafe Colenso in Whitianga. They use local seasonal produce, damm good fresh food. There are cows grazing outside. And I bet you’ll find something to obsess about in the store.

The nature.

Beautiful Coromandel peninsula is on the east coast of New Zealand. It has hundreds of beautiful beaches to discover, from surf beaches to smaller secluded bays.

In all the natures glory

Would you feel free there?

The thoughts.

Where the salt of the sea is sticking to her hair and the pounding whispers of the waves are forever imbedded in her soul.

Seagulls have winds of the world under their wings,

their songs have an undernote that echoes

on the shores of the eternal sea.

I’ll meet you there my darling

one day,

we will stay there forever.

The sea’s that way

I still have sand in my toes and I keep the shell I picked from the beach at my desk. Just to remind me, just for the memories.

To remind me that the sea is still there


till the next time.

Where is your happy place dear?




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