Breezy florals. What Im currently wearing.

Hi babes💕

Hope your week has been lovely.

I thought I’d show you what I wore last week.

Some of my favourite pieces at the moment are definetly anything floral. Romantic and light. It’s been such a steaming hot weather here that I feel like anything I wear is just too hot. So need to have something easy breezy.

The shirt is from Glassons , one of my favourite affordable clothing brands in New Zealand. Wandering the shops the other day, it was just new in when it caught my eye.

The second shirt, yes its a shirt, is oldie from Mango. I wear it as a dress as its so long. Effortless and light, and just a perfect lenght for a day wear. Especially when accessorized with a cute doggie. What you think?

This one, umh it’s not Chloe, but definetly reminds me of the brand. I love the suttleness of the flower print. It gives such a romantic feel to it. I paired it with the patent boots to give a bit of an edge to the whole look.

The dress is from Mirrou , a brand that is very affordable and playful. I find it has sort of a candy store effect when ever I step into the store. I personally dont shop online.

Never have been.

Just because I am a retail girl and love to wander around the shops and actually look at the clothes. And maby touch all of them, like my boyfriend has been observing😉 Also maby have a chat to the sales persons, have a little laugh to make my day. And get exited of the clothes.

I L O V E shopping❤️

Pointy toes and kitten heels are back. It took me a while to get into them. But I did eventually. These golden Zara ones might of been a little help..

And now you cant take them off from my feet.

And why would you?

Have amazing new week lovelies!




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