Beauty haul- pink blush hues, Dior, Hermes and other stuff to obsess about this fall.


I have this thing with Dior.

To shop in Auckland for brand cosmetics there are only few places to go. Cosmetic brand store Mecca Maxima and the department store Smith and Caugheys  are definitely on my list for favourite ones. Mecca Maxima reminds me of Sephora, similar consept stores with their own affordable range, plus huge range of other brands.

The mercedes of department stores, S&G stands tall on Queen street, Auckland’s main shopping street right in the heart of the city. All shiny and new it is easy to get lost in the aisles filled with Tom Ford, Ysl, Clinique and more. You know, that kinda place where everything looks like candy and you’re just dreaming of having it all🤩

However, I did not have it all this time. But I did manage to stock up on few lip products from Dior. And few other goodies from Mecca. I believe we all need that feeling of everyday luxury. Sometimes it comes in small forms like in a lipstick capsule.

I remember a story my friend told me about shopping before she got kids and other responsibilities. She used to go shopping with her friend and one day they just let go and went all out and maxed out on their cards, ” It was the happiest day of my life!”, she told me laughing. I believe her. Even though I didn’t max out my card this time, I got my pleasures satisfied.

My obsession with Dior has definitely something to do with their packaging. Can’t resist that shiny silver, and like a magpie ( harakka, as my mom call me in Finnish ) I went for the shiniest stall and fell in love.

The thing with lipstick.

When using lipstick I don’t like a thick creamy consistency that makes the lips feel heavy or sticky. I’d rather have a light tint that don’t need applying all the time. Natural look and easy to wear are the key factors for me. The key of having that Parisian chic look is to look like you are not wearing any make up.

Sounds easy, right;)

Perfect pink hues.

Dior Addict Lip Glow range gives just that. Find out more on the product Dior Lip Glow . The range full of natural, blush and pink tones is so inspiring. I will definitely try the other shades too later on. For now, I chose number 102 Matte Glow and 001 that is just a shiny balm used by itself or you can add it as a colour reviver on top of the matte ones if needed. Yamm.

102 gives such a lovely natural looking matte tint. And it lasts a long time on the lips. If you want that smudged au naturel look on your lips, this one is for you.

I also grabbed the Lip Glow Pomade that’s just a lip balm to have handy in the handbag. You know, just in case. To fight against the dry fall air.

And then there were two.

Meet my new little friend, her name is Twilly.

” ..Free, bold, irreverent,
they swim against the tide,
impose their own rhythm,
invent a new tempo. “
Christine Nagel
Hermès perfumer

Ohh my, let me tell you this scent. It’s so me! Intense but light. I haven’t been this excited about a parfym for a long time. Just a perfect scent for my fall look to tie everything together. Floral sweetness mixed with dark leather ( these are just my descriptions, not from the brand itself, you can find out more yourself here Twilly ) combined in a fresh breeze, bring on the fall I say.

The beauty of a good parfym is that it tells a story and by just smelling it you know if you’d like to be surrounded by it. To let it represent you. There are many ways when selecting a parfym but I just follow my intuition ( or my nose ) like pretty much everything else in life. You just know it when you know it.

Mecca Maxima

I never been in the store before and was pleasantly surprised. I went for their own range of cosmetics and picked up a pink nude foil eyeshadow and a creamy black eyeliner.

The eyeliner works wonders for a smudged eye ( was going to write- for that perfect black eye look, but there are better ways to prescribe a chic look without using a violent reference hmmm, for a non english speaking person, it ain’t easy to write in english sometimes🤔 ) so for that perfect smokey eye look. So bring on the smokey eyes.

M A C prep and prime to test it out. It seems to be a trusted mist. And a hand lotion from organic Grown Alchemist that looks very interesting.

I think that is it ( for now ) on the beauty front. Keeping busy with work takes up too much time from blogging but I try to manage new post’s from now on more frequently, I promise:)

Happy new week babes! Stay inspired!




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  1. Love your lipstick descriptions! My face has been a no makeup space for awhile because I’m working on having clear and glowing skin so I always put on lipstick to give me that extra something but I never considered a light pink , I want the smudged lipstick look. Thank you for sharing! Good read❤️

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