Colour pop- little lookbook to my current favourites.

Hello you, We all love a glowing skin, don't we. In the summer time I use skin oil with shimmer a must, this one is from Sephora. I love the fact that it gives a light tan too. Using foundation can be annoying when it's hot, and I am a firm believer of natural skin,... Continue Reading →


” When the soil of your homeland is no longer beneath you it is time to take care of yourself. ” A poem for all the travellettes and nomads.

  It takes courage to pack up and leave. It takes soul to be able to fall in love over and over again. You Love you are Love, never forget.     There are new city lights for you to get lost into new rain to feel on your skin the laughter as they walk... Continue Reading →

I am sassy. I am strong. I am me.

Odette. She sits down in front of the camera and slightly tilt's her head to the side. " So, what do you want to know about me then? "     Silver blond hair, sassy mouth- she has that intense look about her. Yet once you get underneath there's a loving, kind hearted witty girl... Continue Reading →

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